About us

Acquired the 28th of November 2019, NOVATECH S.r.l. operates in the medical supply sector, offering both advanced disposable material, electro medical equipment and a wide and complete range of surgical instruments; all of these products are comprehensive of EC marking and employed in Bronchoscopy, ENT, Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonology.


Novatech srl is commited to:

  • ensure the Highest Quality standards, making this its strength point;
  • collaborate with a strict selection of suppliers, always in line with the quality standards;
  • focus on well-defined sectors, becoming its Leader;
  • put adequate emphasis and consideration on the Safety of the patients and operators using the products.


Through its own sales organisation, which also relies on regional agents supported by Product Managers and Product Specialists, Novatech srl works throughout the country and is listed in the supplier register of all the Hospitals and their telematics platforms. Its agents are supported by Product Managers and Product Specialists, who train the sales team and, when necessary, guide them.
The elements that contribute on creating an environment of effective collaboration with end users are:

Scientific promotion and literature

Demonstrations held in operating theatres along with medical workers

Samples view

Attending national and regional congresses with its own stand